Ways Top Firms Use the Cloud in Manhattan

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Are you anxious about moving your company’s IT hardware and software to an outside cloud provider? Don’t be. Today’s cloud is robust, scalable, affordable and secure. Switching to the cloud will benefit your business in the long run and can be a painless, stress-free process.

There will always be pros and cons in these situations, of course. But the drawbacks are usually caused by poor planning. Working with an expert managed cloud provider, or using their consultation services to map out how your office can migrate to and leverage the cloud, will assist you in avoiding the downsides.

Using the Cloud in Your Office

So how are Manhattan based small-to-medium-sized businesses using the cloud?

  1. Facilitating a Mobile Workforce

Cloud computing allows access to your key information from anywhere. Your already nimble workforce will now be freed from the confines of the office building, clunky VPNs or remote desktops. Your team can cast a wider net to reach outside the NYC metropolitan area. You can attract more people to work with your business, increase your scope, and improve service. Thus you can stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Backup and Recovery

You no longer need as much excess capacity. Get rid of your extra servers and physical copies of your data. By working in the cloud, your information will be automatically saved, stored, archived and protected. You’ll have duplicate copies of your information safely stored in multiple locations. This saves you time, money and stress.

  1. Sharing Information

By leveraging the cloud, your files will always be online and automatically stored, creating a more productive work environment. You can easily facilitate business communication and collaborate with clients or colleagues within or outside the office. Communication happens in real time, reducing delays and challenges such as large email size limits or simply waiting for a response. This improves both throughput and efficiency.

  1. Improving Security

By being primarily in the cloud, you no longer need to maintain as much onsite equipment. Reducing your cooling, electric and physical security needs. Likewise, basic IT tasks such as physical security are now handled by the IT experts in the cloud, freeing your employees to focus on their core competencies. In addition, there are many cloud-based cybersecurity services that can be layered around your system for increased security. This is available at a fraction of the cost of having to implement a comprehensive solution for yourself.

There are multiple uses for the cloud when it comes to the office. These are just a few of the major ones. Using the cloud can streamline your business, improve productivity, save money and increase your business’ reach.

Using the Cloud and IT Regulations

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is how to comply with regulations regarding IT and cybersecurity. Utilizing the cloud is as much a tool for improving your business edge as it is for compliance. By using cloud services and partners to improve network security, you will protect yourself by gaining access to IT security experts who know the intricacies of these regulations.

As mentioned earlier, having an offsite backup is important to protect against a network breach, ransomware threat or system failure. Using the cloud intelligently helps protect you from unnecessary government fines or lawsuits due to compliance failures.

In an intelligently designed cloud implementation, IT security, backup and recovery, disaster planning and information availability will all be addressed in a cost-effective manner. Your company can painlessly comply with regulations and you won’t have to worry about figuring out this complex web by yourself.

Improving Your Company through the Cloud

If you’re a Manhattan-based small-to-medium-sized business looking to empower your growing company, improve your cybersecurity, or better comply with onerous IT regulations, then moving to the cloud is the smart choice for you.

KJ Technology can tailor a custom plan for your unique challenges. Give us a call, and we’ll propel your business cloud-ward.

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