The Cost Reduction Benefits of the Cloud

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Cloud computing is in high demand from businesses due to the advantages of higher computing power, high performance, scalability, accessibility and availability.

It’s no small perk that businesses like yours can get applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance when moving to the cloud. Agile companies can scale up as business increases and also have the option to scale down as business decreases.

But when switching to the cloud, most companies are motivated by the chance to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, which allows them to focus on their businesses instead of spending time and money on network expenses.

How can a cloud partner help reduce costs?

The cloud partner sets up the cloud, manages the storage, services the cloud as needed, and clears any unneeded data. A cloud partner can manage all the systems needed for the cloud without each of its client companies having to invest in new server infrastructure.

These clients can then refocus resources to other areas of their operation to allow for more growth. They can access software and services online from any computer or mobile device at any time or any location. Cloud computing encompasses all the computing resources that can be distributed to applications and devices as needed. This process optimizes the use of computing resources and delivers better efficiency and utilization, leading to lower costs for power and facilities.

Cloud computing also uses less of your physical resources so there is no hardware to power and maintain, and cash flow can be redirected to other areas.

Will my company have to keep IT personnel on staff?

When you use a cloud partner, there is no need to keep server, storage, network or virtualization experts on staff full-time. After moving to the cloud, many companies move their IT people to other roles in the company where they can better use their skills to make money for the business.

Moving to the cloud can create a significant return on investment – in the short term and in the long run. It affords companies the time and energy to free up capital and personnel to improve productivity, work on new ideas and help generate more revenue. Moving to the cloud is a transformational move that many companies find very compelling.

How can we help you reduce costs and move to the cloud?

KJ Technology can help you see the cost reduction benefits of the cloud. Give us a call and ask for your free cloud strategy consultation.

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