Our IT services go above

and beyond

At KJ, we’re dedicated to being the very best in IT support and services local to the New York area. But we don’t believe in just doing the occasional support project here and there. We like to think bigger.

That’s why we built a company centered around going above and beyond for our clients. That means having frank conversations, making strategic IT and business decisions, and becoming lasting partners over the years. We grow as you do, earning our spot at the table alongside you. Here’s how we do it.

  • High-level IT Planning
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Business continuity solutions
  • Strategic cloud migrations
  • Compliance
  • Cryptocurrency protection
  • Cloud computing services
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Onsite IT support
  • 24/7 helpdesk and training
5 Star Review Rating from Google
KJ Technology 25+ years of serving the Technology needs of Small and Medium Business
95% Client Statisfaction



Transparency and Candor

We are Authentic. We speak the truth – even when it’s uncomfortable. Forthright and straightforward, we ensure our intentions are always clear and upfront. We hold ourselves accountable. We don’t hide behind fancy jargon or technospeak. We take complex concepts and turn it into plain English that everyone can understand. When we say we’re strategic business partners, we mean it. We seek to create value. Trust isn’t requested or expected, rather it is earned by doing the right thing even when no one is watching and even if there is no reward. With this approach we help our clients build better businesses and create better outcomes.


We each share a relentless pursuit for achievement. Through our passion, we take initiative to go above and beyond every day, taking action with a sense of purpose and intent. In seeking out to make a positive impact, each move we make is fueled by the drive to be a positive influence on the world around us. To be the champions that lead the way and set an example. KJ Champions are made when no one is watching.

Continuous Improvement

Angels are perfect, people are meant to strive. Unafraid to challenge the status quo – we aim to get a little better today, as we did yesterday, and we’ll do it again tomorrow. The core of this principle is an inherent passion to learn, grow and innovate. We study our craft, listen to our team, and collaborate with our clients to enhance execution. Open-minded, all ideas are respected, all angles considered. We drive to continue moving the needle and deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Client Advocate

Being “of service” is at the heart of who we are. Serving others means caring more about them as people first and as clients second. We are present, available, attentive and aim to see the world from our client’s eyes. We possess a deeply embedded sense of purpose to seek, hear, explore, and understand customer feedback. Our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds are open. This helps us to be better partners and advocates for our clients. In all encounters we seek to add value for our clients, to advocate on their behalf with technology vendors and to be tenacious in problem solving.



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