Are you being smart about smartphone security?

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When managing your risks on your personal smartphone, there is some common sense involved. Obviously, using your smartphone security features, like passcodes, is imperative. Never sign in to public wifi connections—an easy entry for hackers. Plus, you want a strong password manager. (“The Best Password Managers of 2017”)

When it comes to managing the devices on your network, you want your employees to have the convenience and mobile access of modern Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology. But you want your vital data secured just as it is in your office.

So, how do you do that?

There are many ways to secure your device (and subsequently, your business information). Here are just a few tips for smartphone security.

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Check Apps for Information Use

Before using any mobile apps associated with your business, check the apps’ logs to see how they use your information. Do they access your private data? Do they share it online with any source? If you have sensitive data, this is critical before you use your smartphone for your business.

Update Software

It’s kind of a no-brainer, but your mobile apps and operating system should be up-to-date. With bug fixes and security improvements frequently included in each update, there is comfort in knowing your mobile system is functioning at its highest.


It’s important to remember that your smartphone is only as secure as your least secure app. Part of this security is making sure your credentials get you in and no one else. This can best be achieved with a combination of unique, complicated passwords, alongside multifactor authentication. (“Multifactor Authentication Market to Reach 12.51 Billion USD by 2022”) This should be part of your team’s best practices, particularly at onboarding new employees.


Encryption is a hot topic these days, as manufacturers demand privacy for their customers, while government officials are looking for more backdoors. Wherever you stand on the issue, encryption is extremely effective at blocking access to your data. Both iPhone and Android devices offer full encryption.

Antivirus & Spyware

Just like your computer, your phone should have the capabilities of finding and eradicating malware. A good antivirus software can keep your phone in a secure position, while you should rid your phone of any spyware software.

Backup Solutions

You want to ensure that your phone has a powerful backup solution so that any mobile work is accounted for, even if your phone is not. There are many to choose from, some much better than others. But we can help with that. (Check out our cloud computing videos.)

Ultimately, mobility and BYOD are nearly a necessity in the modern workplace. We, at KJ Technology, are experts at setting up organizational mobility. Call us today or see our process to start securing your business smartphone.

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