Sinister Cyberthreats Are Coming

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Did you know that every day 60 tons of meteoric dust falls to Earth from space? This invisible but wildly significant barrage from the stars is just one of those things that happen continually, but you would never know it. It would take a meteorite smashing into your car for you to consider that we, as earthlings, are the 24/7 targets of interstellar mudslinging.

Cyberattacks are a little like that. There is a near constant barrage of them all day, but you may never notice until it hits home. But unlike the microscopic space dust, the cyberattack that lands on you will be felt.

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Cyberthreats are Everywhere

Go to the Digital Attack Map. The map shows a real-time look at how many DDoS, or denial of service, attacks are preventing access to information. DDoS is a program that floods a site with so much traffic that the site shuts down. DDoS attacks are a popular tool at election time, for sure.

But that’s the funny thing about computers. Running scripts allows you to send millions of bytes of information every second. The sheer volume of usernames and passwords that a hacker can input is staggering. The InfoSec Institute places your chances of getting hacked at about 30% each year. That frequency is credited to the ability to run numbers at nearly the speed of light.

Think of this. A five-character password with letters, numbers and symbols would have around 10 billion possible combinations. Hacking software can crack that code in about 10 seconds.

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Awareness is Key

While these sinister cyberthreats are coming, the good news is that you are armed with common sense that can help you navigate some of the barrage. That five-character password we mentioned above: If you double the length to 10 characters, the time to crack the password jumps to 3,000 years. (Check your password strength.)

Awareness is the key to navigating the internet safely. Many best practices are common sense, while others may require a shifting in habits that, let’s be honest, are just lazy. Using the same password repeatedly, being the most common.

But things do become a little more complicated when protecting your business. You have staff to contend with, multiple workstations, mobility, servers, cloud technology, BYOD and dozens of other portals through which hackers will attempt to make their way through. This is not only your data but your clients’ data as well. You want to ensure that you’ve done your due diligence to set your system up right, to protect your staff and your business, and your customers.

Your business is your livelihood, and gambling everything you’ve worked for on slapdash security processes is not a bet you want to make.

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At KJ Technology, we want to help you prepare for all the cyberthreats that hit us on a daily basis. Call us today to secure your systems.

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