How IT Security In NYC Keeps Up With The Evolving Threats Of The Future

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The issue of cybersecurity will have a big impression on the future. The tactics used by cyber criminals shift and expand all the time, and the cost of defending these attacks is on the rise. Local and federal funding for IT security has become crucial in the defense of cyber attacks.

How NYC Combats Cyber Criminals

New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) manages the overall security of the city’s shared data and information technology assets. They maintain email and intrusion prevention systems. The task force has also devised an innovative firewall protection and security monitoring system. With this division, NYC has been able to beat the criminals at their own game, and it is a task that requires constant re-tooling of IT security to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving threats that face businesses in this city.

NYC is Cyber Target #1

New York City is a prime target for cyber threats. The city must be able to keep pace with these rapidly evolving threats by implementing and enforcing citywide policies and standards, and by continuing to update them whenever necessary.

The de Blasio Administration is an influential advocate for cybersecurity. Since this administration, tens of millions of dollars have been invested to improve security and to keep pace with ever growing threats.

Mayor de Blasio’s administration drafted a strategic plan for 2015-2017 to outline the agency’s top priorities and initiatives. In this plan, DoITT stated that they would maintain world-class security measures to safeguard IT systems.

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Digital Media Reuse Disposal Policy

In 2011, the Digital Media Reuse and Disposal Policy was implemented to protect against any unauthorized access to information. This policy requires all digital media to undergo a data sanitization process before being disposed of or reused. It includes a list of approved methods for sanitization.

In 2015, Intro. 626 was introduced. This bill requires every NYC agency that collects personal information to develop a structure to protect the privacy of that information. It would also mandate the destruction of personal records once the company no longer needs the private information collected.

NYC is a Leader in IT Security

New York City also hosts several cybersecurity summits per year to help inform companies of the latest security threats and to make them aware of threats that they never even knew about. They are also beneficial in the training of new software and defenses to help fight attacks and potential attacks. Experts from all over the world host and/or attend these summits.

All in all, New York City companies, lawmakers and public utilities seem to be on the same page as far as protecting the city as a whole. They work together to make sure laws and policies are in place and updated continually to keep up with ever-evolving threats.

No system is perfect but the fact that the city works so hard to keep abreast of the technology and systems it takes to protect the city is a step in the right direction.

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