Struggling to manage IT projects? There’s a better way.

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IT projects are the absolute bane of many businesses.

And why wouldn’t they be? They (often) involve complex technical challenges that must be completed pretty much perfectly on the first try.

And to clarify – we’re talking about undertaking anything from a new server installation and setup to a relocation to a brand-new office. There’s lots of IT projects out there, and they vary in difficulty.

If they don’t move along smoothly, you’ll face anything from lost revenue and downtime to compliance violations and general frustrations.

So here’s a better way to handle IT projects: let the professionals do them for you.

There are several reasons why that works in your favor, including…

Stay focused on what you do best

You’ve got plenty to think about on a day-to-day basis.

Customer service, product delivery, employee morale… there’s more than we can write. Adding IT challenges and project upgrades is a stressful and unnecessary burden to pile onto all of that.

On the other hand, an IT service provider takes it off your plate. You get to keep focusing on your business, and they handle the project properly according to best practices and their industry experience.

Don’t add more stress to your IT team

Let’s backtrack for a second and say you do have an IT team, even if it’s a small one.

Outsourcing your projects ensures that they’re not pulled away from the day-to-day support that you need. Outsourced IT project management firms can fill the experience gaps of your team without needing to hire more expensive staff to address immediate needs.

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In turn, that means saving on overall spending while still getting quality services. That’s a big win-win.

Skip the challenges you’re unaware of

Technology, as with many other aspects of business, is complex.

Pragmatically, that means that a mistake or two here and there can set you back considerably with both timelines and money spent. While you can certainly save some money by rolling up your sleeves and tackling a project by yourself, you’re not likely to know what to look out for.

Instead, relying on the expertise of IT professionals that have contracts and work experience means that you’ve got guarantees that are baked in to the engagement.

For businesses that are risk-averse, this is a much safer alternative.

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Get your projects done on time

There’s little more annoying than late projects, especially in IT.

Let’s say you’ve got a project that can directly affect the productivity of your people (like moving to a new office). You’ve got the productivity of your people on the line, as well as very narrow deadlines to meet with the building, the internet provider, and any other vendor you need for the move.

Now let’s say something goes wrong.

Suddenly, your office is not move-in ready. Your IT team is stressed, your people can’t be productive, and you’ve got to spend more time and money coordinating vendors to re-sync up.

Sounds hellish, right? That’s because it is.

An experienced IT project management firm already has access to a team of proven experts. They also have relationships with vendors that they can call on to keep things flexible – in other words, if things go wrong, they have near-immediate backup from other professionals.

In turn, that makes them much more likely to get your projects done on time.

Selecting your IT project partner

You’ll want to build a rapport with your IT project partner.  When the time comes for the next IT project, it’s always good to have a trusted third-party on standby.

But how do you select one that works for you?

It should be a two-way decision. Start by setting up a conversation with them and telling them about the scope of the project. Once you’re done with that, ask about their qualifications and past references.

If you’ve decided that they’re a good fit for your company, congrats! You’ve saved time, money, headaches, and more.

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