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For enterprises, it’s a no-brainer. You must align your technology with your long-term business objectives. The CIO leads this charge, bringing strategic C-level thinking with technological expertise to the company. However, for small and medium-sized businesses, CIOs have often been a luxury, a long-standing, never-checked item on the wishlist. But that all changes now with vCIO services as your virtual CIO brings high-level technological thinking and business strategy to your company.

C-Level Thinking with Tech Expertise

Your technology should be working for you, not the other way round. As an SMB, you may have found yourself in a situation where you are beholden to your technology, whether you like it or not. Your technology, for better or worse, dictates your workflow, your processes, your goals. A vCIO can change this.

Ultimately, your vCIO is your virtual C-level thinker with the technical know-how and business acumen to streamline processes and let you begin to leverage technology to your advantage. Whether you are launching a new product, expanding services or simply trying to get a handle on your network, your vCIO is there, in the boat rowing right along with you.

Minimize Cost, Minimize Waste

By engaging the vCIO expertise of a reputable managed IT services provider, you bring aboard a real partner in your company’s success. The vCIO will help you examine processes and workflow while aligning your IT budget with your business goals. This effort to minimize IT costs and eliminate wasted effort and wasted technology is one of the main benefits of the vCIO role.

Think of this: “The average U.S. worker wastes 22 minutes a day dealing with IT-related issues.” That quickly adds up to more than two weeks per year of wasted time. Part of what your vCIO does is cut down the noise. The noise is all the elements that slow down your progress and the productivity of your employees.

So much money is lost in ill-planned technology. In fact, on average, every office computer in the world has about $259 of unnecessary software on it. Add into this phone features that are unused or unnecessary, or software that doesn’t meet your needs: Tech costs can easily get out of control, but with a vCIO by your side, wasted tech expenses become a thing of the past.

Source: EmployTest

vCIO is a Game-Changer

As part of your managed IT, the vCIO is an essential, game-changing enhancement to standard IT support. Why? Because the goal of the vCIO is to help your company achieve better results through technology. Whether it’s giving analytical feedback on your sales processes, formulating strategic IT thinking for long-term goals or realigning your current technology to fit your objectives, your vCIO is there to guide your executive team on missed opportunities that can be transformed into successes.

Source: CIO

The ultimate idea is to grow your business, to be more competitive and increase your revenue. With a vCIO, you gain another method of IT consulting that is new and strategically customized to your business. By having access to a virtual C-level thinker, you can explore new paths unencumbered by outdated or insufficient technology. Your vCIO is your business-focused IT consultant.

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KJ Technology, Above and Beyond

We want to be part of your business. Our vCIO service gives you proactive alignment. Forget the technology that rests solely on your IT guy, who is too slow and too short-sighted to handle the technological requests that CEOs desire.

The baseline is this. First, we analyze your existing technical infrastructure, looking at hundreds of different elements. From this analysis, we create best practices so that you never fall behind. Then, we help formulate an IT budget. We make sure your business operations are efficient, and we ensure your business is aligned with changing technology.

Contact us today to discuss vCIO services for your company.

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