Juancarlos Aponte

Juancarlos Aponte

Juancarlos joined the IT industry because of the influence of his father and constantly being around computers as a child. The first computer he remembers using was a Radio Shack Tandy. He helped build his first computer before his 10th birthday and never looked back.

He started working in IT during his college years at the University of North Carolina, mainly in the help desk field. From there, he continued working in help desk at the UNC Press before moving up to a systems administration role.

His career took an exciting turn when he moved back to New York and joined a small IT provider. Juancarlos left that company to join KJ Technology in 2015, where he has continued working on networks as well as a wide array of new and exciting technologies.  In his time here he’s continued to earn increased responsibilities from Engineer to Central Services Manager, to Director of Technology for KJ.

Juancarlos loves working at KJ because he’s surrounded by intelligent, methodical teammates who all work incredibly well together. As the Director of Technology at KJ, he can establish the proper foundations, keep an eye on all clients, and ensure that their systems are operating at optimal levels.

Fun fact: Juancarlos has ridden 236 roller coasters.