Jon Cohen

Jon Cohen

My fascination with technology began in high school. I remember working on early Windows operating systems and exploring what computers could do. When I left for college, I set my sights on studying IT, even working in the field over the summers.

I attended Boston University, initially as an Engineering major. During a lecture in my Management Information Systems(MIS) class, my professor said something that has stuck with me to this day: There’s no shortage of bright people working in technology and plenty of talented people working in management. If you aspire to set yourself apart in the technology field, you must not only master the technology but bridge the gap and serve the people while focusing on the business drivers as well. This was a transformative moment for me. As I looked around the room, I could see that this resonated with me more than the other MIS students. I completed my studies with a degree in management and a concentration in finance.

Fresh out of college, I started looking for a job with an IT slant, which is when I ran into Mordy. He was a manager at an IT consulting firm at the time and quickly recognized how my approach differed from the others. He offered me a job and ultimately took me under his wing.

Over the next two years, we began to realize how our desires to serve people through technology were closely aligned. Believing we could be better advocates for our clients, we began to dream about what would later become KJ Technology.

Nearly two decades later, we’re still holding true to the values that have launched our firm, while looking to the exciting future ahead.

Outside of work, I enjoy staying active with my wife (my high school sweetheart) and our 5 children. You can often find us skating, skiing, swimming, kayaking, hiking or just watching the NY Islanders. I have also completed a couple of half marathons while raising money for charity. Most of these activities are often followed by a BBQ, no matter the season!